Beginner Crystals Package

Beginner Crystals Package

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New to crystals?  Curious about what stones do what, and how to start working with them? This beautifully curated collection has you covered.  These hand selected crystals are perfect when you are beginning your collection.  Universally beneficial, each has their own unique set of healing properties that will kickstart the energy shifts and intentions you are calling in.  Plus these are all great to have, even in multiples, so don’t worry if there is something in the selection you already own. 

Crystals included in this package are:

Amethyst - extremely powerful, transmutes negative energy into love, connects with higher states of consciousness

Quartz - the most powerful healing and energy amplifier 

Citrine - abundance, clearing energy

Fluorite - spiritual vacuum cleaner, helps with EMF

Selenite - peace, clarity, and supports meditation

Tourmaline - protection and grounding 

Rose Quartz - unconditional love and infinite peace

Crystal packages are subject to change. Individual stones will vary from those shown.