Begin Healing


The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals carry powerful energy from millions of years ago, embedded as they grew into stunning symmetrical patterns, often from water rich in minerals. They are a fascinating example of sacred geometry, made of the same elements we are.  Each one has its own resonance and vibration, which provide different healing and energetic properties, and in my experience, they choose you. So if you are manifesting love, abundance, healing, or spirit, or are transmuting energies, resentments, or limiting beliefs, there are stones that will help you.  

We have carefully hand selected each stone, for maximum beauty and energy, while also working with ethical suppliers.  Crystals can be chosen based on what catches your eye, what energies or intentions you are looking to amplify or manifest, or for healing purposes.   

We do our best to minimize our environmental footprint by sourcing direct, and shipping with minimal and recyclable or repurposed packaging. 

Proud to be an authorized Euphoralite dealer.


Beginner Crystals Package

New to crystals?  Curious about what stones do what, and how to start working with them? This beautifully curated collection has you covered.  These hand selected crystals are perfect when you are beginning your collection.  Universally beneficial, each has their own unique set of healing properties that will kickstart the energy shifts and intentions.


Breathe Better Subscription

With everything going on the world right now, our ability to breathe is so precious.  Between the pandemic, the fires, our air quality, we can all benefit by supporting our respiratory system.  Each month you will receive a unique stone, or combination of stones, carefully selected to help you keep your lungs vibrant and to tap into the healing power of your own breath. 


Collector's Subscription

Building a beautiful, powerful collection of crystals is fun.  While you amass stones, from your travels, from local shops, or online, it’s wonderful to find that special one.  We know a special piece when I see one.  Each month we will send you 1-2 hand selected crystals that I know will bring powerful energy to your life everyday.


Focus: Work/Study Better

Need support concentrating? Are you a student, or a professional, or an entrepreneur, and could benefit from blocking EMF and enhanced mental performance? Improve productivity while reducing stress with this power set of crystals.


Heart Healing Package

Whether you are healing a broken heart, stepping up your self love, opening your heart, or working on your heart chakra, this package is for you.  Each of these beautiful crystals was hand selected for its power to access unconditional love and heart healing. 



What our customers are saying

Not only is the Amarsi collection absolutely gorgeous, but Claudia's knowledge and passion for each and every piece make the entire buying process a magical experience. Thanks so much, Amarsi!! 


The knowledge of crystals runs deep, but more important is Amarsi's unique ability to find the right home for them. Claudia (the founder) is the perfect conduit to match you with the crystals you seek!


Receiving my crystals from Amarsi has been a magical experience filled with love and care. The healing energy I've received from them has been undeniable and powerful!


Finding the right crystals can be hard at times, but working with Amarsi has really helped ease that stress. Claudia is intuitive and can help you lean towards what it is that you need! Her knowledge is expansive, and if she doesn’t know it right away, she will find you all the answers you need!


Claudia’s personal devotion to crystal healing resulted a unique and authentic buying experience.  Each stone represents my desires and needs - artistically, spiritually, and energetically. I trust Claudia 110% and honor her ability to divinely source and sync my growing crystal collection.