Crystals 101: The Healing Crystals That Can Improve Your Body’s Chakra

By Kristy Or

In a time where good energy is needed more than ever, we discover the use of healing crystals and how they can improve your body’s energy.


In the world of alternative medicine, crystals are said to have healing properties that–when holding them or placing them on your body–can promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystals are used to interact with your body’s energy field, also known as an individual’s chakra.
We spoke to two industry experts: Liz McCaughey, Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor from A Mindset Hong Kong, and Cristina Rodenbeck from Manipura Wellness about the benefits of healing crystals.


Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

L: Liz McCaughey; C: Cristina Rodenbeck
What are some of the benefits of using crystals?
L: Crystals are a conduit for energy that can be utilised for healing, useful for clearing stale energy in your home or workplace, great talismans for helping children and adults sleep, and enhances focus and productivity.
C: There are multiple benefits of using crystals, they can help to raise energy in our homes and offices, attract personal and professional wealth, clear energy blockages, ward of negative energy, support health, prevent disease, manifest visions and dreams, forecast the future and help you feel and look fabulous!
Is there a correct way of using crystals?
C: The best crystal for you at any time depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to bring more love and compassion into your life and relationships, wear Rose Quartz as a pendant near your heart center. If you want to bring more abundance and wealth into your life use Citrine stones as bracelets or rings or place the stones in your office. Or, if you want to work with your body’s Chakra system, match the crystals to the Chakras points to increase their energy and support the energy flow in your body.
L: We have a natural affinity for crystals that are good for us as individuals. You would likely be uncomfortable working with someone else’s crystal or one that doesn’t suit you. When you find one you like, there are simple methods of clearing the residual energy from its ‘past life’ thus being presented with an empty crystal, like a secondhand computer that is wiped clean of information so that you can start afresh.
C:  Cleanse them with smudging herbs such as White Sage and Palo Santo, as soon as you purchase or receive them. Program them with your intention like love, abundance or protection. Every few weeks, cleanse and charge again. Some crystals love water and the sun, others don’t. It’s important to learn how to take care of your crystals to extend their life and effectiveness.
L: While crystals are essentially quite safe to use intuitively with a good and harmless intent, the combination of a natural healer and a powerful crystal can be quite strong. Some people are very sensitive and can be overwhelmed by an over-enthusiastic healer. More is not always better, and you should avoid mentally ‘forcing’ the energy. Project your healing and harmless intent and allow the crystal to work and find its own level.

Photo: Courtesy of Unsplash
Photo: Courtesy of Unsplash

What are the most popular crystals being used today? And what are their benefits?
L: Quartz is probably the most popular crystal as a great healer and a multi-use tool. I have several clusters of quartz crystals at home. I particularly love our 3ft tall amethyst array in the living room as it is perfect to relieve stress, anxiety and help to relax into meditation with increased awareness and intuition. We also have a 1ft tall citrine cluster which is great for reducing negativity and has many healing and protective qualities.
C: Currently, I’ve seen a surge in people wanting to cleanse the energy in their environment and gain clarity in their life. They want to align with their life purpose and figure out what to do, when and how. Clear Quartz has become popular as a result. As people become more aware of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, they’re turning to Amethyst.
The crystal Malachite is popular as it helps to support emotional states and purge negative emotions, and Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian and Smokey Quartz are being more widely used for grounding, stability and energy protection. Rose Quartz and Red Jasper are also popular crystals. Rose quartz creates and attracts love energy, and boost self-love and compassion, while Red Jasper boosts creativity and increases sexual energy. And finally, Citrine is a go-to crystal to attract wealth and abundance in life and boost personal power.

Photo: Courtesy of Unsplash
Photo: Courtesy of Unsplash

What are some simple techniques for using crystals that you recommend?
L: When choosing a crystal, choose one that resonates with your energy. Crystals and gemstones are just minerals in the most solid form and like human beings each has its own energetic characteristics. Choose a crystal that gives you a positive vibe and is appealing to you.
C: Crystals can be used in your home sanctuary, office space, as a personal stone, talisman, amulet or crystal jewellery, and for meditation and mindfulness practices. I recommend using the crystals that most resonate with you at your home and workplace, and on-the-go so you surround yourself with positive, healing energy. Remember to cleanse, charge and program your crystals to work for you. And enjoy their power and purpose with gratitude and respect.